“For want of a national soil, Jews in the Diaspora could not build national structures. So they built out of the substance of time. They took a specific day of the year, and kneaded and molded it until they fashioned it into an edifice. Thus each Jewish holiday is a whole construction.”

Bialik. q Karu. HaBoker, May 21, 1950

At Temple Gan Elohim, we join as a community to celebrate Shabbat, festivals and holy days. Led by our rabbi and our music director, our worship style is contemporary, with a less-formal atmosphere and participatory music — although we do encourage dressing appropriately for the occasion! We pray in a mixture of Hebrew and English, and our transliterated song sheets and prayer books allow our congregants to fully participate in the experience.

We invite you to join with us—please check our online calendar for the most up-to-date schedule of our worship events.

Kabbalat Shabbat services are conducted at least two Fridays a month, Tot Shabbat services once a month and Shabbat morning services occasionally throughout the year.

10 Minutes of Torah – from the URJ

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